House concert with Nathan Brown

MAY 23 - Shel & Bernice Clark's peaceful garden - Alta Loma, CA

Nathan Brown, the poet laureate of Oklahoma and an accomplished songwriter and educator, joined us for a house concert on a gorgeous Friday evening. Nathan was at the beginning of a month-long west coast tour. After enduring a "weather event" of 15 minutes of rain ("The weather kills people in Oklahoma!" explained Nathan), 35 people gathered in the garden to enjoy songs and stories from Nathan and Sapphire Creek. Nathan shared poems about the women of his life and read from his latest book, Less Is More, More or Less - a collection of poems all written on 5x7 cards. Nathan even read a poem he had written that day (something he rarely does) about entering California on his road trip. Nathan's habit of writing a poem a day (something he has done for the last 15 years) amazed people as much as his reflections on the lives we lead. He also sang selections from his CD Gypsy Moon with "Daddy's a Fool" being a favorite.

The evening was a huge success, refreshing the souls of those gathered, and marking the debut of Sapphire Creek's house concerts. Many attending expressed that they would have attended the next night if a concert had been scheduled. And at midnight, we (Sapphire Creek and Nathan) GPS'ed into the night for what the next day would bring.